April 20th, 2008

doctor who


So I'm watching "Planet of the Ood," and there's Everton! Roger Griffiths, who played Everton on Chef!, is playing a badass security guy which, if you've watched Chef!, is just weird.

(Tim McInerney, of Blackadder fame, is playing a management dude, which is somewhat less weird. *laughs*)
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    the "Planet of the Ood" episode of Doctor Who
alien spotlight

Alien Spotlight II: Klingons

There's really no reason to keep being coy, especially since the latest Star Trek: The Magazine has a talk with Andrew Steven Harris of IDW that gives more details.

So yeah, the Alien Spotlight comic book I'm doing will focus on the Klingons. The title? "Four Thousand Throats...."

Can't say who the artist is yet, but I can tell you that the art will kick seventeen kinds of ass. *wicked grin*

Also don't know when it'll be published. It should be debuting in the fall, but the order of the issues hasn't been established yet.
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    "This Land is Your Land" by Odetta & Arlo Guthrie