April 22nd, 2008

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Frank Rich gets it right

I have often thought that, as a political commentator, Frank Rich was a great theatre critic, but I also haven't read him in quite some time. He wrote an excellent op-ed piece for the Times on the presidential campaign and how ineptly it's being reported on by those tasked with doing so.

Money quote:

The video of Mrs. Clinton knocking back drinks in an Indiana bar drowned out the scratchy audio of Mr. Obama’s wispy words in San Francisco. Her campaign didn’t seem to recognize that among the many consequences of the Bush backlash is a revulsion against such play acting. Americans belatedly learned the hard way that the brush-clearing cowboy of the Crawford “ranch” (it’s a country house, not a working ranch) was in reality an entitled Andover-Yale-Harvard oil brat whose arrogance has left us where we are now.

Thanks to dianora2 for the link.
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dragon precinct


Managed to get quite a bit of work done on a tie-in novel proposal (eight chapters plotted out), and also touched base with a bunch of people I met at NYCC. One thing may lead to a new source for Dragon Precinct material. *crosses fingers*

I also had a good karate class, and took two naps. Yeesh.

Tomorrow night, I celebrate my birthday belatedly with my family at Dave & Busters. Also I need to do some office cleaning, and also turn in the page proofs for A Gutted World, and maybe finish this novel proposal.

Bed now........
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politics, Kerry Edwards

why it's good that the Democratic race ain't over yet

An excellent Salon.com piece that points out that the voters in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina are thrilled to actually be voting in a primary that matters.

Perhaps the biggest flaw in the primary process, hinted at in this article, is that we get the candidates who are most appealing to people in the states that vote first. It gives the states of Iowa and New Hampshire ridiculous amounts of power in choosing presidential nominees.

Honestly, is there any good reason to spread them out like this? Why not just have all the primaries on a single day?

Anyway, that's an argument for another day. Rebecca Traister of Salon talks to a bunch of attendees of a Senator Clinton speech in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and generally talks about how this race is actually healthy because people are engaged in this election, to a degree that we haven't seen in a very long time.

Thanks to girasole for the link.
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some things never change

I come out of my office after doing some more cleaning, and there's Aoki rolling around on the bed. I try to get a shot, and I finally get one.

Amusingly, it looks just like a picture I took of her the day we brought her home in August '04.

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I love that cat...........
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I say it's my birthday some more!

Because of NYCC, I postponed my birthday celebrations to tonight. We went to Dave & Buster's in Times Square where we ate okay food, drank huge drinks, and had excellent desserts. Then we played games. I cleaned up at trivia, and also did mediocre at Skeeball, and wound up with tickets worth 2208 points. I came home with a Cookie Monster stuffed animal, a 2008 All Star Game pillow, a pillow with a funny saying and a silly caricature ("I'm in my own world, but it's okay, they know me there"), a D&B shotglass, and a kazoo.

As for loot, my presents include an iHome -- my old clock radio was on its last feet, and I'm now listening to the Yankee game on it -- a $25 Starbucks gift card, two Arlo Guthrie live CDs, the DVD of the Alice's Restaurant movie, an X-Men pop-up book, and David Tennant's first season of Doctor Who on DVD.

After the game's over, I'm gonna watch "School Reunion." *glee*
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