April 23rd, 2008

doctor who

okay, that's cool....

The DVD set of the second season of the 21st-century incarnation of Doctor Who has a cool feature. Each DVD has a different character on it: Disc 1 (which has "The Christmas Invasion") has the Sycorax leader; Disc 2 (which has "School Reunion") has K-9; Disc 3 (which has "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel") has a Cyberman; Disc 4 (which has "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit") has an Ood; Disc 5 (which has "Doomsday") has a Dalek; and Disc 6 (which has the Confidentials) has the Doctor and Rose.
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life on the world wide web

People have a tendency to not believe that anyone could possibly think differently from the way they themselves do. The 'net magnifies this tendency a billionfold.

Just an observation of life on teh intarwubs....

Edited to generalize.
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dragon precinct

happy International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day!

God, has it been a year already?

Today is, amazingly, the second International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, also known (as bill_leisner so aptly put it) as a reminder that Andrew Burt wasn't the first VP of SFWA to be irritating. *wry grin*

In honor of the day, I present to you a Dragon Precinct story that originally appeared in the now-out-of-print anthology Hear Them Roar:

"Crime of Passion"
a Dragon Precinct story
by Keith R.A. DeCandido

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hump day

Very late last night, I finished off the tie-in novel proposal and sent it off to the editor and licensor. I should be able to talk about it once the licensor gives the okee-dokee.

Today, I did a major update to DeCandido.net. Check out the what's new page for the skinny (though some of it is stuff that I've posted here). Next is diving into the revision of GWP1....
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Wednesday miscellany

* This got lost in the hugger-mugger of the NYCC reporting, but CSI: NY: Four Walls is now a real book. Go ye forth and buy. I put an excerpt from Chapter 1 up on my web site.

* Cats are wonderful creatures. I say this mainly to remind myself of that. It's easy to forget when you walk into the bathroom to discover that your older cat has expressed his displeasure with his humans being dilatory in changing the litterbox by shitting on the bathroom rug. Luckily, said rug is washable (and has now been washed). Meanwhile, I not only had to run out and get litter liners, but also hose down the litter box before putting a fresh liner and fresh litter in.

* Alice's Restaurant isn't a very good movie. I watched about half of it last night, and will watch the rest tonight -- then watch it again, this time with Arlo Guthrie's commentary, recorded for the 2001 DVD release. Notable about the movie is that Stockbridge Police Chief William Obanhein -- a.k.a. "Officer Obie" -- played himself. He told Newsweek that it was better for he himself to make him look a fool than let somebody else do it.

* I hate it when the countersigned contract comes back and a week later the signing payment still hasn't arrived. There was a time when they both came together. *snarl gnash*

* You can actually see most of my office floor and sit on the futon. I figure there's one or two more days of going through stuff and then Stage 1 ends. Stage 2 is to go through the various piles and figure out what to do with them all. A lot of stuff will go into the garage....

* I'm definitely losing weight. It hit 77 degrees in NYC today, and when I went to get the litter liners, I was sweating in long pants, so after I showered, I put on shorts. The denim shorts I'm wearing didn't fit me when I bought them. Last summer, though, they fit perfectly. Now, they're a hair big on me....

* Still waiting for my podcast interview to go up on ComicMix.

* David Tennant and David Hewlett both also have birthdays on 18 April. Which means, yes, I share a birthday with the Doctor and Rodney McKay. Not to mention the opening of Yankee Stadium and Paul Revere's ride.

* One of the high points of NYCC was at the end of the Star Trek books panel, when someone in the audience, rather than ask a question, simply thanked us for all the good work we'd done with the line, and particularly singling me out for my Klingon books. That was really cool.

* Emma Span has a handy "how much to worry about your baseball team" schedule on her Eephus Pitch blog. Right now we're in the fretting stage, with the stewing stage commencing on the 3rd of May.

* My new iHome is just cool.
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A Gutted World cover copy

TrekWeb has posted the cover copy for the DS9 omnibus These Haunted Seas and the two Myriad Universes trade paperbacks.

Here's the one that matters to me, to wit, my contribution to the second MyrU TPB, Echoes and Refractions:

A GUTTED WORLD by Keith R. A. DeCandido: Terrorist Kira Nerys--from a Bajor that was never liberated--may hold the key to winning a war that has engulfed half the galaxy. But with the Romulans and the Klingons at each other's throats, and the Federation pulled into the conflict, even victory may not bring salvation.

For the record, "Even victory may not bring salvation" is pretty much the theme of the novel. *evil grin*
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