April 25th, 2008


goodness, Friday already?

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I spent much of the day driving girasole and the LJ-less Infomancer into Manhattan. I'm also incredibly pissed off about my financial situation, as two checks I expected to have by now still haven't shown up. It's partly my own fault for being so dilatory in finishing GWP1, but it's also patently fucking ridiculous to have a two-week gap between when one receives the countersigned contract and when one receives the signing payment -- y'know, the one that says, "Upon signing of this contract by both parties, Author will receive..." Well, it's been signed by both parties for quite some time now. It doesn't say "two weeks after signing," it says "upon."


Anyhow, today is GWP1 revising and office cleaning....
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snurched from popfiend

Quoth the Fiend of Pop:

I'm gonna pick a TV show.

Your mission should you decide to accept it is to cast the show with people from your f-list.

The show: Gilligan's Island

I've decided to do the all-Star Trek writers edition:

David Mack infinitydog as Gilligan

Dayton Ward daytonward as the Skipper

Peter Morwood petermorwood as Thurston Howell III

Diane Duane dduane as Lovey Howell

Amy Sisson amysisson as Ginger Grant

Geoff Trowbridge troll_bridge as The Professor

Una McCormack altariel as Mary Ann

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when fandoms collide....

I totally had forgotten that one of the two ghost-chasing dorks in the first-season Supernatural episode "Hell House" was A.J. Buckley, who has since gone on to be a recurring regular on CSI: NY as Adam, the lab rat. I only remembered it now because I just started watching "Ghostfacers" and laughed my ass off when I watched the "THEN" part with the scenes from "Hell House" and said, "FUCK, THAT'S ADAM!"


Off to watch the actual episode now....
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Simpsons KRAD

I can has office!

Right now, I can do the following things in my home office:

---sit at the desk
---sit anywhere on the futon
---walk across the room without stepping on anything other than floor or rug
---open and close the desk drawers and closet

None of these were things I could do at the beginning of this month. Or, indeed, any time in the last couple of years. Yes, years. Shut up.

If nothing else, the primary goal has been accomplished, to wit, making the place fit to be a guest room again. Since booraven22 and brpellis are staying there during the Wacky Wedding Weekend, that was kind of important.

That's stage one. Stage two is to turn on the desktop for the first time in *mumble mumble* and see what happens. In all likelihood, I will have to just plunk the XP CD that came with the computer in and start from scratch -- which I'm perfectly okay with, as everything on that computer is either a) on this laptop and backed up on a thumb drive or b) something I don't need.

Stage three is to go through the piles I've made in the process of cleaning, the stuff on the bunk*, and the stuff in the closet and figure out what stays up here, what goes in the garage, and what gets thrown out.

Now, though, having showered and dressed in real clothes as opposed to sweats, I'm now off to the Starbucks to work on GWP1.

* I have a combination futon/bunk bed. I got it when I was living in a studio apartment from fall 2000 to spring 2001. The futon unfolds into a double bed; the bunk atop it is a single bed. Since I no longer need that single bed as a bed, it serves as a handy dandy storage shelf.
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quote of the day

In this article, sportswriter Frank Deford is bitching and moaning about how technology has ruined modern civilization, by way of introducing a screed against the NFL draft. Among his targets? Knowing the sex of your child before it's born (seriously!), caller ID, and digital cameras. Yes, Frank Deford thinks one of the great joys of life is waiting until your roll is finished, taking it to a drugstore, waiting a couple hours, and discovering only then that half your shots are out of focus and the other half are of your thumb.

But "Ken Tremendous" at Fire Joe Morgan had a particularly entertaining screed in response to Deford lamenting caller ID:

I'm calling bullshit louder than I've ever called bullshit in my personal history. Is there a single person on this crazy blue marble we call "Earth" who does not like caller ID? Caller ID is the greatest thing in the universe. How many unwanted calls have been avoided thanks to caller ID? A hundred billion? Does Frank Deford not know the specific pleasure one has when one looks at one's phone and sees "Work" and rotates one's Blackberry toggle wheel thingy to "ignore?" Does Frank Deford prefer -- when awaiting an important call -- to answer his ringing phone and hear the voice of a representative from Wachovia Bank who wants to know if all of his investment needs are being met? I ask you, people -- does Frank Deford not have one crazy ex-girlfriend?
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P.T. Barnum is proven right yet again....

Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome has launched a watch that doesn't tell time -- it only tells you if it's day or night. Said watch costs $300,000 and sold out within 48 hours of launch.

In an age where the cheapest cell phone can tell time by linking to a satellite that gets its time from the atomic clock in Colorado, and which can also light up so you can see it at night (cough) and tell you the date and day, why would anyone buy a watch that just tells you which 12-hour (or so) part of the day you happen to be in at the time, much less pay $300K for it?

My favorite quote from the linked Wall Street Journal article: "What’s most impressive about the Day&Night is its complexity, given its absolute uselessness."

Thanks to querldox for the link (and the laugh).
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