May 1st, 2008

keith & terri

I love technology

I'm in the waiting room of the oral surgeon where terri_osborne is having the fragments that used to be her wisdom tooth extracted from her mouth. There's an unsecure wireless network nearby, so I'm able to hop online. Hee!

Anyhow, I'm mainly here to work on an essay for BenBella's Smart Pop book on Supernatural, until they're done cutting her open, at which point I will pour her onto the bus and we'll go home....
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a wonderful story

I recently was watching a bunch of episodes of Sports Night on DVD for fun. It's one of my favorite shows of all-time, and Aaron Sorkin dialogue is something I can listen to all the day long. The very first episode has one of the two main characters, Casey McCall (played by Peter Krause, who has since gone on to fame and fortune as the star of Six Feet Under and Dirty Sexy Money), having a crisis of conscience about covering sports stories that are fodder for the police blotter more than the back pages, only to have his faith renewed by a South African runner whose legs were broken and was told he'd never run again--and he not only runs a race, but sets a new world record for it. Casey immediately calls his son and tells him to turn it on. Every time I watch the Sports Night pilot, I get choked up in the moment of watching Ntozake Nelson run.

This story gave me the same choking-up feeling, only more so because it really happened. This is what playing sports should be about.

Thanks to popfiend for the link.
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keith & terri

Terri's fine

terri_osborne came out of the oral surgery faster and better than expected. It was done in half an hour, she could still talk when she came out, the swelling isn't too bad yet, and she's currently sleeping it off, with ice packs and Tylenol 3 both at the ready when needed.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes!
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two more answers...

From rlane33:

1. What do you think of all the random questions you're being asked?
2. When did you last play outside?
3. Sam or Dean and why?
4. What did you first see in theaters?
5. What's your favorite ice cream?
6. How would you pay bills without writing?
7. Who would you most like to write a story about?

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From rosenhaus:

1. What do you think of Lubbock, TX ?
2. When did you last sit in a silent room? (Bonus question: And for how long?)
3. Center of attention or periphery and why?
4. What did you last write that wasn't for a book, e-mail, or LJ?
5. What's your favorite vegetable?
6. How would you rate last year, personally?
7. Who would you most like to jam (make music) with?

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Does anybody know why flags all over New York City are at half-mast today? terri_osborne and I noticed it at one of the public schools in the neighborhood, and jafinnola said it was likewise elsewhere in the city....

Edited to add: Looks like it's for Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.
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