May 3rd, 2008



Had a good karate class today. Oddly, it was top-heavy. There was a group of about eight who all came up together as white belts. They're now all advanced blue belts, and it's a rare color-belt class that has less than four of them. Today, there were two -- and no regular blue belts, no yellow or advanced yellow belts, no green or advanced green. Just two advanced blues, me, an advanced brown belt, and six black belts.

The climax of the class was when Kyoshi had me and Liza (the advanced brown belt) go through kehong kumite #1-7, left and right -- these are prearranged fighting drills. It was pretty exhausting doing all seven of them in quick succession like that....

Off now to suricattus's housewarming....
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ten years and counting

On 1 May 1998, I stopped being a salaried employee and went to full-time freelance work.

Ten years later, I'm still doing it. All the work-related income I've received in the past decade has been entirely by the sweat of my own brow, as it were.

Here's to much more than that. *grin*
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