May 4th, 2008


my Sunday feeling....

Spent the day being productive. First I went to the gym with terri_osborne and suricattus.

("Waitasec!" I hear you cry. "What the heck are you doing going to the gym? What happened to karate?" See, suricattus is a member of Planet Fitness, and there's one near us. She took terri_osborne with her a couple times -- PF lets members bring a guest for free -- and she liked it enough to join up. My one weakness in karate and especially in fighting class is that my shoulders are weak, to the point that by round ten or so of fighting class, I can barely lift my arms. It's gotten better, but they could use some extra work, so I'm fixing to go once a week or so to lift weights in various configurations.)

Anyhow, after that, we went to Target for some minor shopping, then back home for a nap, and then to the Starbucks to work. The revision of GWP1 is now off to the editor. I also did some more work on Super City Police Department (which some of you may recall me first mentioning in this post fourteen months ago, but which I didn't finish due to Four Walls being dropped in my lap out of the blue, A Burning House needing to be written, plus various other odd circumstances, including David Honigsberg's death). I'm determined to get a draft of this done this month so that varkat can start sending it to publishers. I've been determined every year for the last several years to have something novel-length of mine that I keep the copyright on sold, and I've failed every year. I'm sick of failing.

Also watched "The Poison Sky" episode of Doctor Who, which I enjoyed immensely despite the plot being only slightly less stupid than Helen Raynor's last two-parter, the execrable "Daleks in Manhattan" disaster. Mostly I enjoyed it for the wonderfulness of the Doctor, Donna, Martha, and UNIT (and they name-checked the Brigadier -- now if they can just get him the fuck on camera before poor Nick Courtney dies....).

Now to watch some Barney Miller DVDs....
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