May 6th, 2008

ghost academy

some progress

Got about half of the first volume of StarCraft: Ghost Academy's proposal rewritten, and also did up a character guide (which will be useful going forward). I didn't do any work on SCPD by virtue of forgetting some web work I needed to do. I did the bit that had to be done tonight, as well as a bit more. Always nice when you can do $300 worth of work in an hour.....
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the six worst comic book movies

Chris Ullrich of ComicMix takes a shot at the six worst comic book movies of all time.

Unlike Entertainment Weekly's list of the 20 worst, it isn't limited to theatrical releases, and is only six rather than 20, obviously.

I can't argue with any of Ullrich's choices, but I still don't understand why X-Men: The Last Stand and Spider-Man 3 aren't on this list....
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