May 7th, 2008

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Mildred Loving, RIP

Mildred Loving, the woman who had to go to another state to marry the man she loved, and who was the subject of Loving v. Virginia, which eventually allowed interracial marriage, died at the age of 68 from pneumonia.

It's perhaps telling that most of the arguments used against the Lovings marrying are the exact same arguments used now about gay marriage. Also: the law that the Lovings broke, and for which they were arrested, and which had to be overturned by the Supreme Court's decision on Loving v. Virginia, was called the Racial Integrity Act.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

Rest in peace, ma'am.
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I have a new computer

I bought an itty-bitty mini-laptop basically out of fear. The hinges on my laptop have gone all wonky, and I'm literally afraid to close it. And the mini-laptop only cost $300 and is much lighter. All it really does is allow me to write, but it takes up less space, is lighter, and doesn't have busted hinges. And it didn't cost that much.

It's also sky blue, the same color as my first car. *wry grin*
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