May 9th, 2008

ghost academy

finito! (sort of)

I have plotted out the first three volumes of the StarCraft: Ghost Academy manga, which is not-entirely-coincidentally all I'm contracted for. *wry grin* I'm gonna take a break, watch yesterday's CSI: NY, then read it over again before sending it off to TokyoPop.
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words never to say to the vet...

...when your cat needs shots and her claws haven't been clipped in a while:

"Sure, I can hold her."


I now have a lovely scratch on top of my left wrist and three more on my right palm.

But Aoki has her shots, and she's generally healthy (aside from needing her teeth cleaned, which we already knew). She's six pounds, good heartbeat, her kidneys feel good, she's hydrated, her ears look good and clean, and she has a nice soft coat.

I bring in Marcus on Wednesday for his checkup. Luckily, no shots for him. He weighs a lot more, too, but our cat carrier has wheels, so that's less of a concern.
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post a picture of you!

Inspired by several on the f-list, post a picture of yourself in the replies. And just doing an icon with a photo of you doesn't count.

Let's see what y'all look like! *grin*
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