May 10th, 2008

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It's pretty much official at this point, since Pocket's made an offer to my agent that I've accepted, and Blizzard likes 90% of the outline: barring a major disaster, I will be writing a sequel to my StarCraft: Ghost novel Nova. Tentatively pencilled in to be published in the summer of 2009 (though it isn't formally scheduled yet, so that could very easily change), the novel will be called Spectres, and will pick up where Nova left off.

(I really hope it is published in summer 2009, as that's when the Ghost Academy manga is scheduled to debut also....)

In some ways, this will be a novelization of StarCraft: Ghost, the game-that-never-was. Nova was written to be a prequel to the game, and the plot of Spectres will include many elements of what was to be in the game. Having said that, don't read this novel expecting to see exactly what the game would've been like. The game plot is, at best, a loose basis for the novel. We went for what worked best for the overall storyline in general and for this novel in particular, rather than fidelity to a game that will probably never see the light of day.

It will also tie into both Ghost Academy (which will take place alongside Chapters 18-19 of Nova) and to the forthcoming StarCraft II game. Nova will be in both, obviously, and another character in both the manga and the novel is a major player in the upcoming game. Oh, and Agent Malcolm Kelerchian will be returning in Spectres as well.
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Tonight, I finished Part 1 of Super City Police Department: The Case of the Claw. The book's currently at roughly 28,500 words. The outline calls for the book to be told in four parts, so I'm on a good pace to be between 80 and 100,000 words (the other parts will likely be shorter, as less needs to be established...).

I'm quite pleased with the book so far.
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