May 13th, 2008

nova, spectres

proposal revised!

I've revised the proposal for StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres, incorporating all the notes from Blizzard (I think), and trundled it off to Pocket and Blizzard for their okee dokee.

Glad I accomplished something today besides sleeping, returning the rental car, and buying sneakers. (The latter was for the gym. I looked really really really stupid going to the gym wearing Rockports, but that was all I had....)
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very late irons in the fire update

Because I'm 13 days late anyhow, I'm not going to do the whole list. I will for June, but here's what's currently on the ol' plate...

I've turned in the page proofs on both Supernatural: Bone Key and A Gutted World (in Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions), so they're more or less done. So is my part of Star Trek: Alien Spotlight II: Klingons, as I've completed the script, and we're not just waiting on jkwoodward to finish the art. Ghost Writing Project #1's revised manuscript is turned in, and I'm in the midst of #2.

"Family Matters" (in Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows) has been turned in, and now I'm just awaiting copy edits.

Star Trek: A Singular Destiny is due 13 July.

I've turned in revised proposals for both StarCraft projects -- the novel Spectres and the first three volumes of the manga series Ghost Academy -- and am awaiting feedback. I've got seven comic book pitches in to three different publishers.

I've turned in a first draft (and it's very much a first draft) of an essay for another Smart Pop book, and there's another essay for them that's on hold until the book's re-scheduled. I also turned in my essay for Assembled! 2.

I've got three magazine articles on tap for Star Trek: The Magazine over the course of the next few weeks/months.

Finally, I've written more of Super City Police Department: The Case of the Claw, and sent what I've done to varkat (my agent) to make sure it doesn't suck.

Nothing else has changed since the beginning of April, I don't think.....
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Tuesday's dead

Today, one of terri_osborne's coworkers had surgery. She has no family in the area, so Terri volunteered to pick her up from the hospital and take her home, and I went along, too, as I know the neighborhood she lives in, and there was no guarantee she'd be in any condition to direct the cabbie home (she lives in Inwood, which is off the usual yellow cab's beaten path).

She was supposed to get out of recover at 1.30, so of course, she got out at 4.15. *laughs* Luckily, I had a book to read and my Treo (though I finished the book and the battery on my Treo was almost dead ere long). But it was worth it, as Terri's coworker really needed someone to get her home.

As I said to Terri, what's the good of being freelance if you can't do stuff like this? Hell, what's the good of being human if you can't do stuff like this?

After a 30-minute nap, I went to karate and fighting class. The latter felt better, though I still need to train myself to get my arms up when there's a kick toward my head. I keep ducking, which is entirely the wrong thing to do. *sigh* And in regular class, I still need to work on the part of Pinan kata #5 where you jump in the air and land in a hook stance. There's an adult tournament the last week in June that I intend to participate in, and I'll likely be competing against two advanced brown belts (Dorian and Liza) who are really good. (There's only one other brown belt in the dojo right now, and his attendance is sufficiently sporadic that I doubt he'll enter the tournament.)

Also found out in class that the son of one of the black belts is going to be (along with his writing partner) the show-runner on Life on Mars, which was their consolation prize for October Road being cancelled. *laughs*
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