May 15th, 2008

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there he goes again.....

Every time I think that President Bush has gotten as low as he can, he goes and sets the bar lower....

In an interview recently with, which included questions from Yahoo! users, President Bush made a bunch of astounding statements that showed a disconnect with reality that is frightening and despicable and unforgivable, and is the latest piece of evidence to add to the huge pile that he is wholly unfit for office. He claims that a Democrat in the White House will lead to another attack on American soil, which is hilarious considering that the attack on American soil that started this whole mishegoss was on his watch. He claims that "people" told him there were WMDs in Iraq, which as justification for war, is beyond pathetic.

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Recently, in debg's LJ she was discussing Senator Obama and how intensely she dislikes him as a potential president, and one of the things I pointed out was that any problems that anyone might have with Senator Obama and/or Senator Clinton are tiny and insignificant compared to this: Senator McCain is just going to keep doing what President Bush has been doing if he's elected. His voting record, his policies, everything makes that crystal clear, and that will lead this country to disaster. As it is, the next president is going to have to spend most of his or her (and I love that I have to use that construction, BTW) time cleaning up the mess President Bush has made, but I have no faith in a McCain presidency's desire to even try.

The notion of President McCain makes me fearful for my life, and I'm not exaggerating. I'm scared for my life right now, because the guy in charge has failed on every possible level.
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It especially amuses me that my arch-villain is also my agent.......... *snorfle*
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here we go again....

The vet called today, announcing that Marcus has diabetes.


We went through this with Mittens, and we'll go through it again with Marcus. It means two shots per day, one at 7am (mostly administered by terri_osborne) and one at 7pm (mostly administered by me). It also means we have to board him every time we go away for any length of time, just like we did with Mittens.

We also have folks nearby who can help, which we didn't before, and bronxbob350 can also come over in a pinch.

I'm glad that, if something had to be wrong with him, it's something we can handle. I was especially a'feared of it being his thyroid, which would probably mean pills. I don't even want to think about having to give Marcus pills.... *shudder*
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