May 18th, 2008

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I am a big honking doofus

So I slept through my alarm this morning.... *sigh*

I was supposed to catch a 9.05 train out of Penn Station, which meant getting up at 7, leaving by 7.30 to catch the subway down to 34th in enough time to make the train.

Instead, I got up at 9 and realized I was fucked.

I ran down the street to the nearby rental car place, where they know me, and helped me out, digging up a car for me. (The next train would get me in too late for my talk. Of course, they wound up postponing it, but it wasn't worth the risk that something might go wrong with the train on top of everything else....) Then, after spending four hours driving in the rain yesterday to and from Rutgers, I got to spend three hours driving to Lancaster for the Pennwriters Conference, and get to do it again going back tonight, since I promised to help with the kids' promotion at the dojo tomorrow morning.

Right now I'm sitting in the hotel bar, using their free wireless on Opportunity, and eating lunch before my talk starts at 2.45. Then is the autographing (and I brought copies of The Quality of Leadership for the latter...).

BTW, I used a GPS for the first time in my life while driving here, since I had no idea how to get to Lancaster. I hereby declare them to be the coolest thing ever. *nods*
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for once, I'm impressed with Chris Mathews

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William Elder, RIP

William Elder, one of the original artists to work on MAD Magazine in the 1950s, has died at the age of 86.

I grew up reading those old MADs, and Elder was responsible for some of my favorites ("Starchie," "Shermlock Shomes," "Mickey Rodent"). He was famous for putting odd sight gags and such in the backgrounds -- what he referred to as "chicken fat."

Rest in peace to a fellow Bronx native. *raises glass*
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my Sunday feeling

Currently at the Starbucks. The wireless router is malfunctioning. I have left terri_osborne, in her capacity as Gadget Girl, to fix it, and am up here catching up on stuff -- and then I go back to proofreading Wounds, the upcoming Star Trek: Corps of Engineers trade paperback collection.

The talk yesterday went very well, and I'm hoping to go back next year. (Yo, girasole! Next year, it'll be in Pittsburgh, so maybe we can fold a trip to visit relative-type people in!) The autographing was disappointing, though I did sell one Quality of Leadership and the local Borders sold two of A Burning House and one of Four Walls. I also got to meet (and geeble at) Victoria Thompson, the author of an excellent series of murder mysteries taking place in early 20th-century New York City.

This morning was promotion day at the dojo. I'm not eligible to go up yet, so I volunteered to help with the kids' promotion. I mostly babysat the yellow belts while they took their written tests, and also ran them through some kata and self-defense.

Then Terri and I went to the gym (we even got to drive, thanks to my emergency car rental, which was nice since it was raining), also stopping at Target for some stuff.

Between Marcus's diagnosis on Thursday, driving to Rutgers and back in the rain on Friday, driving to Lancaster and back yesterday, and today's exertions, I'm poopied out. I'm likely to spend the evening vegging in front of the Yankees-Mets game on ESPN.

But now, back to proofreading......
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