May 22nd, 2008


I never could get the hang of Thursdays....

Spent last night and this morning doing some work on Super City Police Department, then had lunch and mailed some books (a review copy of Quality of Leadership to AUTHOR magazine and a copy of another of my books as a writing sample for a potential gig), then started moving shit into the garage. About half of my comic boxes -- the ones that were piled between the futon/bunk and the wall -- are now in the garage (the remainder are in the closet and are therefore lower priority; the space where the boxes were will be taken over by bookshelves), as are the two boxes with magazines and oversized comics. I keep my contributors copies down there, and they are now shelved in the garage's cabinets instead of laying about haphazardly in boxes. (Some are still in boxes, as I only had so much cabinet space, but they're stacked neatly on top of one of the cabinets now.)

And I'm done. *laughs* There will be more this weekend, but that'll do for today. Tomorrow, I assemble the bookcases (or, at least, try to assemble the bookcases, get frustrated, and then beg terri_osborne to do it) and put books on 'em.

Tonight is karate and more SCPD.
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Robert Lynn Asprin, RIP

Robert Lynn Asprin, longtime skiffy author and all-around cool guy, died today.

He was 62 years old -- ironically, and chillingly, the same age as my father. I've known of Bob's work for years, but I actually didn't meet him until I joined the Boogie Knights, of which Bob has been a longtime fan. He and I also were part of an excellent panel at Dragon*Con last year on the use of violence in fiction. (Ironically, Bob is the second person on that panel to have died since -- the other being Hank Reinhardt. Equally ironically, Bob was going to be GoH at Marcon this weekend, an honor I received this time last year. Good thing I don't believe in omens....)

Bob was one of the finer ones we had, and his wit and smile and sick sense of humor will be deeply missed.

*raises glass*
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