May 23rd, 2008


I have an IMDB page!

Thanks to being in Done the Impossible -- the documentary about Firefly and Serenity -- I have an Internet Movie Database page. That's just weird....

Was actually in bed for half an hour before I was awakened by Marcus throwing up. *sigh* He's 16, he's diabetic, he's on new food, whaddayagonnado?

Passed 30K on SCPD....
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wee krad, South Park Keith, South Park Keith #2

how I spent my Friday

Doing more work on the office. At this point it's not 100% clean, but it's most of the way there, and I can work in here without feeling like I haven't put everything away yet. (Of course, there's a pile of stuff in the living room that has to come back in here, but I'm not thinking about that... *chuckle*)

Here are two pictures. (booraven22, you and brpellis will be sleeping on that futon, which unfolds into a double bed.)

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