May 24th, 2008

bone key

I've been interviewed!

The fourth issue of the official Supernatural magazine is out, and it's got a nifty interview with me conducted by Paul Simpson on page 24, in which I talk about both Nevermore and Bone Key. Do check it out -- it should be available in your local bookstore's magazine section....
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a blast from the past

Back in the 1980s, everyone in the country had cable -- except for New York City. We were among the last in the country to be wired for cable, because of the difficulty in laying the cable in a crowded city. The Bronx, where I grew up, was the last of the five boroughs to get it when NYC was finally cable-enabled.

While the rest of the country was able to watch music videos on MTV, the NYC area was stuck. However, back in the pre-cable days, there were two sets of channels -- VHF, which was where the three networks and big independents broadcast (Channels 2-13) and UHF, which was where the smaller stations plied their wares (Channels 14 and up). Channel 68 in the NYC area was taken up by U68 which showed music videos.

And through the magic of YouTube, we now have a bunch of U68 promos from 1985. Be prepared for some serious 80s nostalgia.....

Many thanks to drewshi for the link.
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