May 26th, 2008


Memorial Day

Project: Clean The Fucking Apartment is proceeding apace. We now have 80% of a living room floor, up from the 20% we started the weekend with.

I have one big heavy box and a bunch of books I need to get down to the garage at some point. I may do that between now and karate class tonight. (For the first time since I started attending the dojo, it's open on Memorial Day. Kyoshi took a couple of informal polls to see who'd show if the place was open, and it was apparently enough for him to open.)

Also pitched a collaborative anthology to an editor who won't be able to reply on it for a good while, but at least it's on said editor's virtual desk.

This week, I have an article for Star Trek: The Magazine to finish, more work on SCPD to do, a novel to line-edit, and GWP2 to work on.

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gloat page updated!

I've gone through the various magazines that I'd piled up during Project: Clean Up The Fucking Apartment, and added several review quotes to the gloat page on my web site.

Some choice quotes from the new bunch:

Don D'Ammassa of Chronicle on Dragon Precinct:
The author has taken the famliiar mystery formula and transposed it onto a fantasy world filled with magic, elves, and so forth. That's a very difficult blend to carry off well, and only Randall Garrett, Glen Cook, and a couple of others have done so successfully. Add Keith DeCandido to the list though.

Tom Holt of TV Zone on Star Trek: Articles of the Federation:
Gene Roddenberry would have hated Articles of the Federation; in context, that's high praise. It's a gripping, credible, warts-and-all examination of Federation politics, taking us through a year in the life of President Nan Bacco as she copes with a series of all too believable crises, messes and bad hair days.

Anthony Brown of Starburst on "Letting Go" in Star Trek: Voyager: Distant Shores:
It's very significant that easily the best story is the one dealing with the adjustment of the relatives left behind, as they accept Voyager is lost, get on with their lives, and then learn that the ship (but not necessarily their own loved ones) has survived. It works because, while you only know one thing about the characters, it's one thing with which you can empathize.

Paul Simpson of Star Trek: The Magazine on "Four Lights" in Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Sky's the Limit:
Keith DeCandido's revisiting of Chain of Command resonates long after reading.

And my absolute favorite, from Jayne Nelson of SFX on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blackout:
Blackout is an utter joy. [DeCandido] nails life in '70s New York so well you can almost see the steam rising from the subway grilles.
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