May 28th, 2008


Tuesday's dead

Broke 35,000 words on SCPD. Go me!

That was bracketed around karate and fighting class. After Sunday, almost any fighting class was going to be easier, though it was by no means easy, though I was particularly proud of how I handled myself against one black belt who also fights in international tournaments and does quite well.

Bed now.............
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first review!!!!!

Dan Berry of Unreality SF has reviewed Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership. It's the review I dreamed of getting for the book.

Money quote:

Leadership is a brilliant triumph. The stories are longer than normal for a Short Trips anthology, giving more of a chance for development and involvement, and the characterisations are (one or two misfires aside) consistently perfect. This is a group of authors who clearly know their Who, and care a lot about the characters.
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quote of the day

Jon Stewart on tonight's Daily Show, in response to a newscaster asking (after a report on Senator John McCain's health), "Is 71 the new 30?":

"Does that mean dead is the new 50?"

Jon Stewart, for the win......
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