June 1st, 2008

sucks, penguin5

Joseph Pevney and Robert H. Justman, RIP

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my Sunday feeling

Got an e-mail from a reader who took a cell phone picture of himself with a copy of A Burning House, which he said was the first Star Trek novel he's ever read.

Also got links to Hungarian reviews of my two Blizzard Games books: StarCraft: Ghost: Nova and World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred.

Of course, I don't speak Hungarian, so I have no idea what either of them say, but it's still cool.....

Gonna go to the gym with terri_osborne and suricattus, and also get started on A Singular Destiny. Also looking forward to catching In Plain Sight tonight, as the ads make it look quite entertaining.

Oh, and this week's Doctor Who rocked my socks. Alex Kingston rules! Colin Salmon rules! Steven Moffat rules! HAIL THE MOFFAT!
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