June 2nd, 2008


one day at a time

Just gotta keep slogging through.............

Off to paint. (We have cracks in the paint all around the bathroom. terri_osborne's done most of it, but the ceiling is hard for her to reach, and since I'm taller.....)
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singular destiny

Monday Monday

Backing up assorted files onto my jump drive in preparation for going out with Opportunity to the Starbucks to work on A Singular Destiny. I've painted the ceiling and cleaned up some stuff in the dining room.

I've written 876 words of ASD already, done over the weekend in bits and pieces. The goal is to hit 3000 today.
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singular destiny


Up to 4647 words in A Singular Destiny, with Chapter 1 all nice and done-like.

It's gonna be really hard to talk about this book right now, as it follows up on what happens in the Destiny trilogy, which means many of my plot points are, in one way or another, spoilers for that trilogy.

In some ways, ASD is the "Family" to Destiny's "The Best of Both Worlds." But only in some ways. *grin* I will say, though, that I found "Family" to be much more interesting than "TBOBW."
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keith & terri

postponing the wedding

terri_osborne and I have decided to postpone our wedding. This is entirely on me -- I need to, as one friend put it, fix my shit, and until it's fixed, it would be madness to get married. I need help -- which I'm getting -- and while I get that, we're going to wait.
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