June 4th, 2008

singular destiny


Wrote 4761 words today, putting me at 9408 for A Singular Destiny. I was hoping to hit 10K, but it's 2.15am and my brain is melting. To bed, I go.

Tomorrow I have the psychiatrist appointment. Wish me luck.
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politics, Kerry Edwards

the upcoming election

'Twould seem that Senator Barack Obama will be the Democratic candidate for president, running against Senator John McCain.

Couple thoughts....

1) Forget the politics and the personalities and the campaigns for a second. The only two candidates for president of a major political party were a black man and a woman. No matter who won the primary, the minute Senator John Edwards dropped out, we were guaranteed to have a candidate from one of the two major parties not be a white guy. While it's pathetic that it's taken this long for it to happen, that it has happened -- and that it's resulted in record turnouts in primaries for the past half year -- is huge, and is something that should be celebrated, and something that we all should be proud of.

2) Speaking of that turnout, that's one of about a thousand reasons why Senator Obama should ask Senator Clinton to be his running mate. All the calls for Senator Clinton to go away have missed the rather important fact that she got a shitload of votes, she has a huge base of people, and that the best way to stomp Senator McCain like a bug is to take advantage of both Obama's base and Clinton's base. It will also be a sign of unity that the party desperately needs right now.

3) This blog entry from Shakespeare's Sister perfectly sums up the rather appalling sexism that has been all over this primary season. Everyone should read this. Thanks to girasole for the link.
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