June 5th, 2008



One of those up and down days. The good was that I saw the psychiatrist, we had a good talk, and I'm back on Zoloft. I'll see him again in three weeks, and he recommended I also start seeing a therapist. I actually was seeing one for a while, but I was no more committed to her than I was to the psychiatrist. In fact, I went to the psychiatrist in part because the therapist "wasn't working" -- in fact, I was not taking full advantage of it. Not doing that anymore, so I have an appointment with the therapist next Thursday. terri_osborne and I went to the local Dunkin Donuts after work, which was fun.

The down part was when I was leaving lunch, walking down the street with infinitydog, and my iPod slipped out of my hands and fell to the sidewalk -- more accurately, to the sidewalk grate covering a vent for the subway. The iPod slipped right between the grate struts and into oblivion. *sigh* It was a really nice iPod, too -- it was red, and had my name on it, and it was a holiday present from girasole. And the AppleCare package Terri got for me was only good for a year, so there's nothing to be done. On top of that, last night iTunes went kerflooey on me, and I had to reload the library, and my playlists are all gone.

Off to have lunch with bronxbob350 and do some shopping, then home to do some cleaning, some laundry, some karate, and some writing.
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singular destiny


Only wrote 1108 words last night to finish Chapter 3, but that put me at 10,516 words, which is 1516 words ahead of pace, so I'm not too worried.
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