June 7th, 2008



Wrote 4022 words, bringing me to 16,024, 1024 words ahead of pace. Go me!

Bed now...................
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It's all well and good to volunteer to help with the kids class, since Kyoshi's on vacation, and the kids class is fairly large. But it's in the 90s today, and the dojo is hot and sweaty, and by the time I was done helping with the kids (including the two six-year-old blue belts with no attention span and who don't know their right from their left) and doing the usual color-belt class, I was drenched in sweat. I've only been that sweaty after Kagami Biraki and August promotions.


Still, good workout. I took a half-hour nap in the air conditioning, and have been trying to stay out of terri_osborne's way as she Deals With Stuff around the house (like finally getting the wireless network back up and running). She is gadget girl, hear her beep. Or, as she put it, "Geek chicks rule!"

I'm gonna shower and then go get my 3000 words in.
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