June 9th, 2008

singular destiny


Wrote 3846 words all told today, including some at the Starbucks earlier and more over the past couple of hours. I'm at 21,724, which is 724 words over pace. Woo. Also: hoo.
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you thought it was hot yesterday....

Firefox's weather bug in the lower-right-hand corner of my browser window doesn't have a bright sun, it has a thermometer that is melting. Seriously. It's 95 degrees right now, and supposed to go up to 101.

I am, of course, hiding in the air conditioned bedroom, having spent the last 90 minutes doing web work and listening to the Yankee game. At some point soon I'm going to shower and brave the ick to go to the drugstore (various drug transactions for self and terri_osborne), get some lunch, and work on A Singular Destiny at the Starbucks with their AC....
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    still the Yankee game
Simpsons KRAD

you know it's humid...

...when you dry yourself off after showering, and you're just as wet as you were when you started.

Yeesh. I'm actually afraid to go outside....
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    "Make It Rain" by Tom Waits (oh, if only...)
politics, Kerry Edwards

Rep. Kucinich introduces articles of impeachment

If you turn on CSPAN right now (10pm EST), you'll see Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) reading 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush. Oddly, this isn't on CNN or MSNBC's web pages yet, nor is it being covered on Countdown tonight....

I'm very proud of Rep. Kucinich, and I hope the rest of Congress can show the same backbone.

Edited to add: Countdown right now is a rerun of the 8pm show, so the timing was off. One assumes he'll talk about it tomorrow.....
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