June 11th, 2008


all wet....

So I did regular class and fighting class tonight. I contemplated not going, as my anxiety was peaking, but terri_osborne, who is much smarter than me, pointed out that going to class would help.

And it did. Fighting class had 11 people, and it went very well. My only real regret is that once again I got kicked in the face by Senpai Ryon. Every damn time he kicks me in the face once. *laughs* One of these days....

When class ended, the skies had opened, and it was pouring--and me without an umbrella. Luckily, I was already drenched with sweat, so I barely noticed the rain.
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singular destiny


Only wrote 2704 words, putting me at 26,225, which is 775 words off pace. However, the longest and most difficult bit of writing was something that had a very short word count, so effort-wise, I feel I've done what I could. I also have no idea how to start the next chapter. *wry grin*
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Simpsons KRAD

sleepy Wednesday

For the past several days, I've had trouble getting to sleep. It might be the heat, it might be the Zoloft, and it might be that I've got shit on my mind, and it's probably some combo of all of those, honestly. If this keeps up, though, I'm going to talk to the shrink about it, make sure that Zoloft is really the right thing for me.

As a result of the third straight night of taking for-fucking-ever to fall asleep, I slept until 11.30, which meant I missed my lunch, and then I wound up napping again for half an hour around 1.30.


Off to get some lunch and then work on A Singular Destiny at the Starbucks. If nothing else, while I was trying and failing to sleep last night, I figured out much of the next chapter.....
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conversations we really have

suricattus and I are both at our local Starbucks, and getting online through the unsecured wireless network belonging to a restaurant across the street (suckers). She's looking over a contract and said, "They're setting a precedent with [agent]. That's dangerous. She eats precedent for lunch."

To which I ask, "What kind of wine goes with precedent?"

She actually thought about it, and we batted back and forth, and decided that since precedent is chewy, it's best eaten with a nice Riesling.

Okay, back to work....
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another Quality of Leadership review

Jens Deffner (defcons_treklit) has written another review of my Doctor Who: Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership, specifically from the POV of someone who doesn't know jack about Doctor Who. *grin*

Money quote:

Over all, The Quality of Leadership is a strong anthology, with some weaknesses in the middle, but those are easily overshadowed by all the little gems like One Fateful Knight, Good Queen, Bad Queen, I Queen, You Queen, and On a Pedestal. And while those are the strongest, maybe with the exception of two stories, all the stories bring something interesting to the table.
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This is my new writing icon. It's from a picture suricattus took at our local Starbucks earlier this week, of me typing on Opportunity.
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