June 13th, 2008

singular destiny


Only wrote 2626 words, bringing me to 32,717, only 283 words off pace. Could be worse....

It's frustrating to not be able to talk about this book at all, because pretty much every plot point derives from the Destiny trilogy.

Ah, well....
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a nice review

laguera25 has written a nice review of Four Walls.

Money quote:

Everyone gets screen time here, even Gerrard, Angell, Adam, and Sinclair, and each character plays to their strengths. DeCandido is true to the characters as they've been presented in canon, but he makes no judgments based on that presentation. Take Gerrard , for example. He readily acknowledges the tension between him and Mac as a result of the Dobson case and the subsequent IAB investigation, but he doesn't skew to Mac's side. In fact, his Gerrard makes a damn fine argument as to how Mac owes him for having the courtesy to inform him of the investigation when Sinclair wanted it to be a secret. So, while DeCandido is clearly writing about Our Heroes, he's not a mindless fanboy apologist for them.
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