June 17th, 2008

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Tuesday's dead

Doing some more of Operation Get The Fucking Apartment in Shape. My office is now almost completely done. Next up is the living room and dining room, plus vacuuming and sweeping all three rooms, plus bringing a bunch more stuff down to the garage. I'm waiting to do that until my back tells me I can without blinding pain. *wry grin*

The Mets proved themselves to be run by total fucking asswipes by a) firing Willie Randolph, b) firing Willie Randolph one day after the team flew out to the west coast, so if you were gonna do it, why not do it before the transcontinental flight?, c) firing Willie Randolph and announcing it in a press release that was sent at 3.11am, so it wouldn't be in today's newspapers (especially hilarious given how much sports coverage there is on the web, making the print deadline less of an issue than it used to be).

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Anyhow, I'm gonna sit here until my back says it's okay to get back to it.....
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NYY, melky

more on Randolph

From Pete Abraham's blog about the Yankees:

I covered the Mets for a few years before moving over to the Yankees beat. I thought then and still do that they need a Vice President of Common Sense. If you want to fire the manager, that’s fine. Hold a press conference in New York, fire him and take questions.

The Yankees dragged out Joe Torre’s departure. But when it was done Randy Levine, the brothers Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman got on a conference call and defended the move.

What the Mets did was akin to Silvio taking Adriana for a ride into the woods. Was it only a year ago that Omar Minaya was being celebrated on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Our advice to Omar: Don’t get in the car, they’re coming for you next.
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