June 29th, 2008


my Sunday feeling

Today was tournament day at the dojo -- there was a kids' tournament at 8am and an adult tournament at noon. I helped out with the former, keeping score and time, and then participated in the latter. The students are broken up into groups based on rank, and I was put with Kenny (a green belt) and Dorian (an advanced brown belt), who are two of the best students in the dojo, so the competition was fierce.

For kata, I came in third by virtue of messing up the tenth step of Tsuki No kata. Dorian and Kenny both were perfect in their renditions of, respectively, Pinan kata #5 and #4. For self-defense, I came in second, only because I twice messed up Basic Self-Defense #8, but that was a close one between me and Dorian.

I did my best on breaking, but the competition made it difficult. Dorian broke several thin boards with a hammer-fist punch, then broke three thicker boards (with splints between them) with a shin kick. I broke three thick boards with splints with a shuto strike (your basic karate chop), then two thick boards with splints with a side kick. Dorian and I wound up with tie scores of 29 (out of a possible 30). I won the tiebreaker, giving me second place.

Kenny beat us both, though, and he deserved it: first he broke three thick boards without splints with a shuto strike, then he did a jumping side kick (over three people on all fours on the floor) to break two boards without splints. It was masterful, and he got a 29.5.

My only disappointment was that one dumb move on Tsuki No kata, something I've never done before, and probably never will again. *sigh* But it was great to compete, and everyone did really well.

Then I came home, ate six slices of pizza, and took a two-and-a-half-hour nap. *laughs*

Off to write some more...
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