June 30th, 2008

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Chris Noth leaves L&O: CI

For the past few seasons, the team of Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe as Detectives Goren and Eames on Law & Order: Criminal Intent have alternated with Chris Noth as Detective Mike Logan, the same role he played on the original L&O for five years, along with his female partner du jour (the disappointing Annabella Sciorra, the relentlessly mediocre Julianne Nicholson, and the excellent Alicia Witt).

Noth is leaving after this season, and is being replaced by Jeff Goldbum. While Goldblum will, unlike Noth, be able to be weird and kooky on a level with D'Onofrio, I'm really disappointed that they didn't take this opportunity to break the formula a bit and have the lead detective actually be a female character for a change with the male detective as the sidekick. In order to even be in Major Crimes, a detective has to be particularly brilliant anyhow, and the show has been giving Erbe's Eames more to do of late (Erbe is a truly fine actor who's honestly wasted in this role). But for the fact that it would break up the Goren/Eames tandem that has been the show's most successful element (the ratings tanked when they split up the episodes between D'Onofrio/Erbe and the much less interesting Noth/whoever, which is why the show's on USA instead of NBC now), I'd love to see Erbe take the lead for a change.

Ah, well. Goldblum will probably be fun, and CI will continue to be the only L&O show I watch....
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snurched from the entire frapping f-list

List three things you've done that nobody on your f-list has done (if someone says they have, list something else).

1. Got Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg to collaborate on a short story during a period when they weren't speaking to each other.

2. Hired Peter David and Diane Duane to write their first professional Doctor Who fiction.

3. Wrote the first single story to encompass all five Star Trek TV shows.
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"I have no beef with humanity -- it's people I can't stand"

Dear dumbass:

I realize that they put signs on the door to the Starbucks so you'll read them, but we're not talking a lengthy press release or an epic poem, we're talking a quickie advertisement -- it does not require that you stop in the midst of opening the door (and blocking other people from entering) so you can examine it for hidden meanings.

Also, after you finally finish your in-depth perusal of an ad for caffeinated beverages, you really shouldn't enter and then stop right at the fucking threshold to look around the place, as there might be people behind you who want to gain ingress, and who are already familiar with the layout.

No love,
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Don S. Davis, RIP

Don S. Davis, veteran character actor best known for his role as General George Hammond on Stargate SG1 (and one episode of Atlantis, sort of), died Sunday of a heart attack.

It turns out that Davis left SG1 after the seventh season for health reasons, which I did not know. I encountered him briefly at a couple of conventions, and he was an absolute sweetheart. terri_osborne got to talk to him in more depth at I-Con one year, and had nothing but good things to say about him.

He was a truly fine actor, who always gravitated toward authority figures in uniform. Some of his more memorable roles (besides "Hammond of Texas," obviously) were as Scully's father in The X-Files, Major Briggs on Twin Peaks, and General Callahan in a remarkably good clip show episode of The Outer Limits.

Rest in peace, good sir.

"SG1, you are a go...."
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