July 10th, 2008


I never could get the hang of Thursdays....

How the hell did it get to be 4pm already? Sheesh....

Because I'm stupid, I made plans to go to the zoo with varkat and suricattus, completely forgetting that Thursday is the day I see my shrink. Duh. I tried to reschedule, but said shrink didn't have any slots available (complicated by my being limited to late today and early tomorrow), so I had to bag the zoo, bah and fooey. The Madagascar exhibit will have to wait for another day.

For those of you coming to Shore Leave, Dionne of Warwick has put up the planned set lists for the Boogie Knights' two shows on Saturday. There's a couple of new songs there, and it looks like I'll be using the recorder for one of them.

Also a reminder: I'll have copies of Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership for sale at Meet the Pros and elsewhen during the con for the low low price of $20, and most of the authors will be there to scribble on it.

I have seen the cover of A Singular Destiny, and found it to be excellent. It'll be debuted at the Pocket Presentation at Shore Leave tomorrow night.

I'm at just shy of 65,000 words on ASD, the acronym for which is three letters next to each other on the keyboard. This amuses me.

Still need to pick up dry cleaning and do laundry. I've already picked up my meds -- amusingly enough, the synthroid, Zoloft, and Crestor all ran out on the same day.

I hope the rental car tomorrow has an iPod jack....

More later. Maybe.
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the streak continues

Every time I'm in the Starbucks, somebody walks up to me to ask me something about the computer. Today, it was two people. *shakes head and laughs*

The words, "That's so cool!" are almost inevitably part of the conversation....
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