July 11th, 2008

singular destiny


I'm at the beginning of Chapter 17, and at 66,024 words on A Singular Destiny.

I'm pretty much packed for Shore Leave, and I've worked out a recorder solo I'll be playing at one of the Boogie Knights concerts. All that has to be done, still, is stuff I'll do tomorrow: print business cards and the two set lists, bring Marcus to the vet, buy cat food and cat litter, pick up the rental car, make a blow-up of The Quality of Leadership cover for Meet the Pros, and retrieve my headset microphone from the garage.

Off to bed..............
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    "House on Pooh Corner" by the Boogie Knights

it's no-help Friday

Both the vet and rental car places are shorthanded today. The latter is worse, as there's all of one guy doing everything: customers and answering phones.

As I was writing, a second person showed up. Now I'm just waiting for the car to be cleaned....
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    "Darkest Hour" by Arlo Guthrie