July 14th, 2008


back from Shore Leave

It was a fantastic weekend -- there was laughter, there was pathos, there was shameless self-promotion, there was performing, there was good friends and good booze, there were lessons learned, and there were many many copies of The Quality of Leadership sold. terri_osborne and I both had a wonderful time.

All the panels were well attended, to our glee, including the two-hour QoL panel, after which we sold a bunch more copies of the book. Even the Corps of Engineers had a decent crowd. I was very very happy with everything.

Boogie Knights concerts both rocked. My recorder solo on "Worked Like a Charm" (a spoof of "Dust in the Wind") went off okay -- it needs work, but it didn't suck, and the audience applauded and everything.The rest of both concerts also went very very well, with magnificent audience response (including overwhelming applause for our masquerade halftime closer "Arthurian Pie").

I also learned a valuable lesson: being on Zoloft fucks with my alcohol tolerance, and I can't quite drink at the same levels that I used to. Trust me, I learned that lesson well and painfully. *sigh*

The high point of the weekend, though, was Mystery Trekkie Theatre 3000. For the second year in a row, I filled in for Michael Jan Friedman, who had to leave early for the funeral of a friend, sadly. We were on right after George Takei's final talk of the weekend, and before he went off, Peter David, Bob Greenberger, and I ran onstage to implore him to stick around for the opening sketch -- we eventually ask him what he wants to do, and he sings Patsy Cline's "Seven Lonely Days," with the three of us backing him up. Then George went off, and we MTT3K'd "Catspaw." The best part? We didn't really provide an opportunity for George's audience to leave, so they either had to stick around or leave the room in the dark. *tee hee*

I shared a stage with George Takei. A nice reminder of how cool my life can be. *grin*
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mere anarchy

new covers!

Several Star Trek book projects and covers were announced. There are full stories on TrekMovie, TrekWeb, and Trek Today.

In particular, I want to show off the covers that I care about: A Singular Destiny and the print compilation of Mere Anarchy:

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Both covers are by Alan Dingman. Spiff, huh?

I'll talk a bit more about the various things announced at Shore Leave in a later post....
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sucks, penguin5

Bobby Murcer and Tony Snow, RIP

Former New York Yankees outfielder and current broadcaster Bobby Murcer lost his battle with brain cancer over the weekend, and died at the age of 62. Murcer was a good player who had the misfortune to play for the Yankees during a period when they weren't all that good, though he does have the distinction of being the only person to play alongside both Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly. He was also, it must be said, an absolutely dreadful announcer. Still, he was a good ballplayer and a good person, and he will be missed.

Former White House press secretary and former Fox News anchor Tony Snow lost his battle with colon cancer, and died at the age of 53. Not a good weekend for cancer victims. *sigh*
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