July 20th, 2008

singular destiny

first draft done!

At a hair under 88,000 words, I'm at the end of the first draft. It's off to assorted beta readers (girasole, as always, as well as the other folks involved in this whole mishegoss, including Dave Mack infinitydog, whom I'm following, and bill_leisner, Christopher Bennett, and Kirsten Beyer, who are also following up on what Dave's done), and I'll read it over myself tomorrow.

There's one scene-let I still have to write, and which I haven't solely by virtue of the fact that I haven't figured out what it needs to be yet. *sigh*

I've found with this book that I often figure out the next scene as I'm falling asleep. Let's hope that holds true one last time.....
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cute cat alert!

I take lots of pictures of Aoki being cute, and Marcus really should get equal time. Conveniently, he was being cute lying on the floor of my office when I got up after finishing the first draft of ASD.

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singular destiny

I called it....

Sure enough, as I was falling asleep, I thought of what the last bit should be. *laughs*

I'm gonna have some coffee, take a shower, and then write it. Then read the whole schmear....
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