July 27th, 2008

geek patrol

my Sunday feeling

Yesterday was the party in celebration of jafinnola's 40th birthday, held at an Irish pub in Yonkers. There were friends, there was family, and a good time was had by all.

If you want to see pictures, hie yourselves over to jafinnola and popfiend's respective LJs and you'll see lots of 'em.

The agenda for today includes more research for a project (which I started last night), revising the proposal for the StarCraft: Ghost Academy manga so Blizzard will approve it so I can start writing it, and starting on the foreword for the Supernatural essay collection.

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dear fucknut

I realize that the Starbucks is crowded, and that there are no tables available for you, your wife, and your two kids to sit at. I admire your clever solution of grabbing spare chairs from other tables and putting them in a circle.

However, you placed them right in the middle of the fucking floor, and done so in such a way that all access to the rest of the Starbucks from four of the tables is blocked off by you and your brood. So when I come back from the bathroom and say "Excuse me" so I can get to my fucking table, there really is no need to give me attitude. You're the asswipe who created the fire hazard, after all...

no love,
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