July 28th, 2008


movin' on....

Yesterday, I got the proposals for the first two issues of the StarCraft: Ghost Academy manga revised. Haven't done #3 yet, as it requires some detailed conversations with TokyoPop and Blizzard, but it's also less time sensitive than the other two.

I'm also doing some ongoing research for a project I can't quite announce yet. Said project requires me to rewatch a mess of DVDs, which I've been going through slowly.

Today I did a revision of "Meiyo," my Classic BattleTech story, which apparently has gained new life. More on that when I have a contract....

Still have the Supernatural essay book foreword, an article for the Star Trek magazine, and a novella proposal to write before diving full till back into GWP2.
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myriad universes

A Gutted World

Continuing TrekMovie's coverage of Star Trek: Myriad Universes, Father Robert Lyons has provided a review, interview, and excerpt of my short novel A Gutted World, available shortly in Echoes and Refractions.

Money quote from the review:
A Gutted World more then lives up to its title billing, and there isn’t a single page where DeCandido’s writing fails to captivate. The narrative is strong, clear, and hilariously serious (so much so that I read the entire story in one sitting), and what the story lacks in depth (hard to overcome in the short novel format) it more than makes up for in punch.

Check it out!
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taking a Safari

The latest iTunes download also had a new version of Safari, so I downloaded it and am now trying it for curiosity's sake.

It's interesting, certainly. I'm typing this on Safari right now....
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