July 31st, 2008

singular destiny

oh, right, Wednesday...

Sorry, was out and about for most of today, driving girasole to a meeting in New Jersey (and getting writing done while she was at it, working on the revisions to A Singular Destiny), then we had lunch, then I drove her home and crashed on their couch for 90 minutes before heading into Manhattan for a meeting.

Plenty more to do tomorrow.....................
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    "The Motorcycle Song" by Arlo Guthrie
Simpsons KRAD

I am domestic boy, hear me roar...

Today I have:

---gone to my weekly shrink appointment
---bought many many groceries and put them away*
---threw recycling
---threw kitchen garbage
---put in a load of laundry
---loaded the dishwasher
---put ice in the cats' water dish

I am now going to eat lunch and watch Sunday's Venture Bros. before heading downtown for a meeting with an editor.

* That was made more entertaining by being behind two old Russian women who had an issue with their receipt. Only one of the women spoke English, and she was the one with the problem, leaving her poor friend to both translate for the cashier and try to calm her down. At one point, the manager came over, at which point the cashier explained the situation to him -- in Spanish. Yes, it was a clusterfuck in three languages.....
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    "Get Behind the Mule" by Tom Waits