August 2nd, 2008

singular destiny

productive Friday

I got the foreword for the Supernatural Smart Pop essay collection done this afternoon, and this evening I completed the revisions to A Singular Destiny. The latter was mostly small stuff, but there was one big thing -- completely rewriting Chapter 20 -- and I just sent that off to the assorted beta readers to get their takes on it.

The book's due Monday, so that should be cool.

I also found out today that one project I listed in the irons in the fire post isn't gonna happen. *heavy sigh*

Tomorrow, I start on the comic book script.....
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NYY, melky

remembering Thurm

Thurman Munson, who was my favorite baseball player when I was growing up a young Yankee fan in the 1970s, died in a plane crash 29 years ago today. I still remember the day it happened, and I was just absolutely devastated.

He was a wonderful player, a great Yankee, and I still miss him.

Rest in peace, Thurm.
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