August 10th, 2008


a comment on the age poll

The reason for the cutoffs I chose was because those were all ages that I felt were legitimate milestones. At 16, most people can learn how to drive plus puberty's had much of its way with you by then. At 25, you're really no longer a kid, but still a young'un, plus that's when your car insurance rates go down and you can rent a car. *wry grin* At 35 -- well, for me, at least, 35 was when the warranty ran out on my body. I've found, in general, that 35 is a bigger deal than 30 was and that I feel 40 will be, in terms of feeling my age. Fifty was the only 0 number I went with, and it just seemed as good a dividing line as any. As for 65, that's the standard retirement age...
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preliminary Dragon*Con schedule

I've gotten my preliminary schedule for Dragon*Con 2008 over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Note that I don't know the room assignments for any of these yet, and I'm not sure which track some of these are on. I also don't know who else is on the panels, for the most part.

4pm: reading
7pm: "Bob Asprin's Last Bad Joke"

1pm: autographing
5.30pm: "Writing in Shared Worlds"
10pm: "Page to Screen"

10am: "Star Trek Authors Cavalcade"
5.30pm: "The Wacky World of Doctor Who Canon"
7pm: "Look at All the Purty Pictures"

10am: "Star Trek Comics: What? Again?"
1pm: "Developing Exciting Secondary Characters"
2.30pm: "Doctor Who in Other Media"

I hope to have more details -- like room assignments -- later.
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beach training

Spent this morning at Jones Beach for the annual beach training, with all four NYC Kenshikai dojos participating. We had a great workout in the sand and the water, and then we hung out at the beach for a while.

And this time I didn't get sunburned! Yay me!

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