August 12th, 2008

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Birthday Meme: Look up your birthday in Wikipedia. Pick 4 events, 3 births, 2 deaths, and 1 holiday.

18 April

1775: American Revolution: The British advancement by sea begins; riders warn of impending arrests of Samuel Adams and John Hancock.
1881: Billy the Kid escapes from the Lincoln County jail in Mesilla, New Mexico.
1909: Joan of Arc is beatified in Rome.
1923: Yankee Stadium opens.

1480: Lucrezia Borgia
1953: Rick Moranis
1969: Princess Sayako of Japan

1636: Julius Caesar (no, not that one -- a British judge and politician whose father was an Italian named Giulio Cesare, so obviously delusions of grandeur ran in the family....)
1955: Albert Einstein

Independence Day in Zimbabwe
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Wrote the first half of the first issue of the comic book miniseries that I can't talk about yet.

Now to bed....
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the other cute cat...

Marcus was sleeping in my office earlier, and he looked so peaceful, I had to get a picture. Then he woke up, and he looked so cute, I had to get a picture of that, too. I'm hopeless, I know. *laughs*

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ah, proofreading....

...there's nothing like it. And this is nothing like proofreading. Seen in the front window of a storefront martial arts place in the neighborhood (not, I hasten to add, my dojo):

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