August 15th, 2008

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remembering Robbie

For obvious reasons, I've been thinking a lot about Robbie Greenberger the past 12 hours. There's no good in anyone dying so young, particularly someone so full of life as Robbie was.

Most of my memories of him relate to the places I saw him most often: the Hunt Valley Marriott where both Farpoint and Shore Leave have taken place lo, these many years: Robbie in the hallway surrounded by a huge group of friends, Robbie and I and many others helping his father, Peter David, and Michael Jan Friedman with Mystery Trekkie Theatre 3000, Robbie doing various and sundry masquerade entries. One of my favorite of the latter was one where he was just wearing a cardboard box with stuff written on it in magic marker. (For the life of me, I can't remember what the costume actually was -- and neither can Terri. We just remember the box and how silly it was.) Edited to add: puppetmaker40 to the rescue -- the box had "HAPPY MEAL" written on it, and the masquerade entry was entitled "How Spike sees humans" (referencing the "Happy Meals with legs" line from "Becoming Part 2").

There was the time at Farpoint when the Boogie Knights had a release party for our Many a Sleepless Knight CD. "House on Pooh Corner" started playing, and Allyn Gibson realized, to his horror, that one of his fondest childhood memories was being used to parody a song about a whorehouse. Robbie then proudly pointed out that the Knights also did "Puff Revisited," which did similar things to "Puff the Magic Dragon," and Allyn said, "Kid, I don't give a fuck about 'Puff the Magic Dragon'." To which I said, "You don't understand, Allyn, we'll rape anybody's childhood. It isn't just about you!" Robbie laughed heartily, as did Allyn, Terri, and I.

My favorite memory of Robbie, though, wasn't in Maryland, but rather at Peter and Kathleen David's house. Robbie was always a huge fan of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and that only intensified when the Peter Jackson movies came out. A bunch of us were at Casa David -- I think it was a gathering Peter and Kathleen had over an I-Con weekend -- and Robbie boasted that he knew everything about LOTR. "Ask me anything," he said.

So Peter looked right at him and asked, "What does 'J.R.R.' stand for?"

Robbie's face fell. He had no idea.

Mind you, for months after that, he told anyone who'd listen, and plenty who wouldn't, that Tolkien's full name was John Ronald Reuel Tolkien...

Rest in peace, kiddo. You are sorely missed.
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life goes on...

Somehow, last night, I managed to finish the script to the first issue of The Comic Book That Shall Not Be Named. I'm actually collaborating on this with someone else -- that person wrote the plot, and I'm writing the script based on that plot. So very late last night (like 4am), I finished it and sent it off to the collaborator for feedback before it goes to the editor.

Said editor will, I think, be pleased. We were given extra pages for the first issue only -- 30 instead of 22. However, the editor came back to me later and asked if I could shave it down a bit, as they were concerned about deadlines. So the script -- which included all the necessary plot points -- was 24 pages. I rock.
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