August 16th, 2008

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James Hoyt, RIP

James Hoyt, a private in the U.S. Army's 6th Armored Division during World War II, and who was one of the four soldiers who discovered and liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp, died last Monday at the age of 83.

He's the last of the four members of the 6th who discovered the camp to die. Private Hoyt was only 19 when they discovered the camp.

He deservedly got a 21-gun salute at his funeral.

Rest in peace, Private.
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alien spotlight

Seven Deadly Sins

So back at the 2007 New York Comic-Con, Marco Palmieri told me his notion for the Seven Deadly Sins anthology, and he wanted me to do the Klingon story. The way he pitched it to me was, "How'd you like to write 23rd-century Klingons for a change?"

So I wrote up a proposal, one that served as a sequel to "Friday's Child." And then I waited.

Eventually, Marco got back to me. By that time SDS had gone from something he was planning to do in the near-ish future to something actually on the schedule for August 2009.

He also hated the proposal. Sigh.

He and I batted some ideas around, and we settled on a much more interesting notion. Today I wrote the proposal for it, which is good, as I promised it to Marco by Monday. *wry grin*

It's still 23rd-century Klingons. And I think it'll be fun. The current working title is "QuchHa'."
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quote of the day

From me, walking into the bedroom and seeing what terri_osborne was watching on TV:

"Oh, look, another morally uplifting History Channel show about how we're all going to die horribly!"
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