August 17th, 2008


my Sunday feeling


This morning, I went to the dojo to help with the kids' promotion. There were two black belts and one other brown belt helping, and Kyoshi divided the kids into four groups, and we each had a group of our own. I had the senior-most four- and five-year-olds (all blue and yellow belts), who were remarkably well-behaved for four- and five-year-olds -- which still means they were squirmy and incapable of sitting still and quiet for more than half a second.

That was exhausting.

Then terri_osborne, girasole, and I drove up to Robbie Greenberger's wake. I won't even try to list all the people we saw, but suffice it to say, it was a huge crowd. The outpouring of support for Bob, Deb, and Kate was tremendous, as were the sheer tonnage of people there to mourn Robbie. There was a big-ass flatscreen TV hooked up to a computer, which showed a slideshow of pictures from throughout Robbie's too-short life. This is the third time I've had to go to the funeral/wake of a 20-year-old, and I gotta say, it doesn't get any better.

That was draining.

The three of us went to dinner at a local (to me and Terri) Italian place, and then I drove the Mom home, came home, changed out of my grown-up clothes, and collapsed for three hours.

Rest well, Robbie. You are loved and you are missed.
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