August 20th, 2008


updated 3Pi-Con schedule

Here's what I'll be doing this weekend at 3Pi-Con in West Springfield, Massachusetts (slightly updated from when I posted this last month):

10am: "Best Series in the 'Verse" with George Claxton, Micah Schneider, and Kat Toomajian (Salon A)
11am: "Comic Book to Film" with Jennifer Williams, Hugh Casey, Melissa Gavazzi, and Gene Kannenberg Jr. (Salon A)
12pm: "Does Star Trek Have a Future?" with Hugh Casey, Jeff Warner, Jennifer Williams, and Terri Osborne (Boardroom)
1pm: "How to Get Published" with Inanna Arthen, Sara Harvey, and Elaine Isaak (Fireside)
3pm: reading, with Debra Killeen (Fireside)
4pm: autographing (dealer room, Mike's Comics table)
9pm: "Tech Tools for Writers" with Genevive Iseult Eldridge, Joseph McGee, and Morven Westfield (Salon A)

2pm: "Writing Pages 1-5" with Sara Harvey, Elaine Isaak, and Genevive Iseult Eldridge (Salon A)

Hope to see bunches of you there!
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