August 21st, 2008

myriad universes

a nice Amazon review

Usually Amazon reviews of fiction are less than useful, but a gentleman named Antoine D. Reid has written an in-depth review of Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions.

Here's what he had to say about my third of it:

'A Gutted World' was, by far, the best book of the entire "Myriad Universes" saga. It features cameos by a dozen or more characters across not just one series but all shows. The plot is basically a different take on the Dominion War and really had the emotion, creativity and spark to be a full-length novel. No, as you may think from the title, this isn't a dull story about Bajor and Kira - the story is so much more than that and saying more about the plot would spoil it. If you wanted to see Picard and the Enterprise have a more active role in the whole Dominion War situation, this is your story. If you wanted to see what Janeway would be doing had Voyager not ended up in the Delta Quadrant, buy this book just for this story. What made this story so exciting and nearly flawless was that it not only showed an alternate take on the Dominion War and how it impacted the Alpha Quadrant, but it managed to be one of the best crossover stories yet.

Thanks to fellow E&R author troll_bridge (about whom Reid had as many good things to say) for the heads-up.
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