August 25th, 2008

the wire

Criminal Intent season finale

Jesus, if they did episodes like this one and last week's sendoff for Chris Noth, the show would be so much better. Not that it isn't good, but these past two episodes were so off-the-charts better than their usual.

Having said that, Eames was irritatingly marginalized in this episode. They really need to give her more to do. Kathryn Erbe is way too good an actor to be wasted on the "what is that, Goren?" role....
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updated Dragon*Con schedule

Here's what I'll be doing at Dragon*Con 2008 Labor Day weekend (this coming weekend, in fact) in Atlanta, according to the e-mail I was just sent by the good and noble folks at programming:

4pm: reading (Roswell)
7pm: "Bob Asprin's Last Bad Joke" (Hyatt: Regency V)

1pm: autographing (M301-M304), where I will have some books for sale, in particular Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership and, if all goes well, Supernatural: Bone Key
5.30pm: "Writing in Shared Worlds" (Hyatt: Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong, writers' track)
10pm: "Page to Screen" (Greenbriar, YA lit track), with Kathleen O. David, Todd McCaffrey, Heidi Heiner, Anne Petty, and Rachel Caine

10am: "Star Trek Authors Cavalcade" (Sheraton: Savannah 1-3, TrekTrak), with Terri Osborne and Josepha Sherman
5.30pm: "The Wacky World of Doctor Who Canon" (Valdosta, British track), with Alan Siler, Lars Pearson, and George Cockrell
7pm: "Look at all the Purty Pictures: The Graphic Novel as Literature" (Fairlie, SF lit track)

10am: "Star Trek Comic Books: What? Again?" (Sheraton: Savannah 1-3, TrekTrak), with Peter David and David Reddick
1pm: "Developing Exciting Secondary Characters" (Hyatt: Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong, writers' track)
2.30pm: "Doctor Who in Other Media" (Valdosta, British track), with Alan Siler, Lars Pearson, George Cockrell, and Elisabeth Wood

Maddeningly, the file I was sent doesn't specify which track the panels are on (though several are obvious), nor which hotel the listed rooms are in, nor who the other panelists are. Where that information is provided above is because I found it from another source. *sigh*

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!
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myriad universes

yet another review...

steve_roby has reviewed Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions on the Starfleet Library blog.

Money quote regarding my contribution:

A Gutted World may be my favourite story in this volume. It's a big, widescreen story, and one that allows a number of characters to shine. This has been a good year for Deep Space Nine stories, and this should be on any DS9 fan's must-read list, though it has a lot to offer TNG fans, and a fair amount for Voyager fans as well.
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