August 26th, 2008


Marcus is home

I just got 'cus from the vet. We have to board him when we go away now, as he has to get two insulin shots a day. Unfortunately, the vet was closed yesterday, so I couldn't pick him up until today. Thursday he's going right back, though, as we go off to Dragon*Con.

As soon as I unzipped the bag, he dashed out and went to every one of his favorite spots (the rug in my office, under the dining room table, the floor in front of the bed, the bathroom, the litter box, the food and water dishes) to make sure everything was where he left it. Now he's just wandering around being cranky.

terri_osborne is home sick today, so eventually, he's like to curl up with her to make her feel better.

It's good to have the whole family home again....
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keith & terri


Our experience at 3Pi-Con in bullet-point form....

---KT Pinto ktpinto is now self-conscious about how she introduces herself on panels, and she has also created "boob semaphore" (a phrase I coined *bows*)
---Hugh Casey hughcasey has a magnificent singing voice, and also should be careful about twirling while wearing a kilt
---Shira Lipkin's shadesong daughter Elayna is an incredibly nifty kid, and 'song herself is mighty with the sparkly and shiny
---Chris Walsh chris_walsh looks exactly like his picture, and talks exactly like he posts (both good things)
---Sara M. Harvey saraphina_marie spent most of Sunday kissing people and leaving lipstick impressions on their faces, and spent most of the weekend telling The Goose Story ("Just run!")
---Matt Schwartz (Sara's fiancé) and I had a great time being Statler and Waldorf for the flirting panel
---Micah Schneider tehuti is a fine moderator and is very cunning in his Jayne hat
---Inanna Arthen is also a fine moderator
---so is Morgen Westfield
---Trisha Woodridge is a fine audience heckler
---the above three are also among those responsible for Broad Universe, which is a cool organization specifically for women in SF/F/H (and from whom I bought a cool Mary Shelley t-shirt)
---Genevive Iseult Eldridge is fun to talk Farscape with
---Coelynn McInnich is fun to talk karate with
---everybody liked my George Takei impersonation
---Kat Toomajian zarhooie remains Kat, which is very much as it should be
---Patty Cryan norda both rocks and rolls
---all the people who showed up for my reading are incredibly cool and I love them to pieces, even the ones who were there for Debra Killeen rather than me *grin*
---onezumi remains both nifty and keen

There may have been other stuff, too. *grin* In conclusion, I leave you with a wonderful photo of me and terri_osborne taken by hughcasey:

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farscape comic

Farscape continues...

It'll be public when Diamond's Previews hits comic shops tomorrow anyhow, so I may as well talk openly about it:

I'm scripting the upcoming Farscape comic book miniseries from BOOM! Studios, from a detailed plot by series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon. The series, which was announced at Comic-Con, as was Rockne's involvement, will pick up where The Peacekeeper Wars left off, and see Moya's crew head to Hyneria to try to get Rygel his throne back.

The comic will also be consistent with the upcoming Farscape webisodes that will be on

I gotta tell you, it's an absolute thrill to be writing Farscape again, and doing it with Rockne makes it even thrillier (I just made that word up). We're hoping this is the first of many miniseries.

Issue #1 of the miniseries (the title hasn't been finalized yet) will be released in November, with all four issues coming out monthly, and a trade paperback coming likely next spring. The art will be by newcomer (and huge Farscape fan) Tommy Patterson.
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politics, Kerry Edwards


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton just hit the ball out of the park. That was a magnificent speech, and exactly the one she needed to make -- for herself, for Senator Obama, and most especially for the country.

I'm very proud to call her one of my senators right now. Brava, Senator.

And to quote her quoting Harriet Tubman: "Keep going!" There's a White House to be won....
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farscape comic

by the way...

The script for the first issue of the Farscape comic (that issue is entitled "Return of the King") is done, and just awaiting Henson's final okay. I just tonight finished the script for #2 (entitled "Dungeons and Dominars") and sent it off to Rockne for his notes. (The titles for the other two issues are "Yes, That's Our Baby" and "Hynerian Rhapsody.")

I'm shooting to get the whole thing written in the next week or so in order to a) give Henson plenty of time, b) give Tommy enough time to draw the thing, and c) get it off my plate so I can move on to GWP2, the StarCraft: Ghost Academy script, and StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres.

Oh, and one of my other comics proposals was rejected. Feh.
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