August 27th, 2008



Just got a call from my agent telling me a check has arrived, which is a good frapping thing, because thanks to credit-card foolishness, our ability to pay for the Dragon*Con hotel was in a bit of doubt. But now all is well. *whew*

I'm also seriously pissed off at my credit-card company right now. My card expired in July, but I never got a replacement. I found out Monday that they no longer ship cards to PO boxes (which is my billing address for that card). They didn't tell me this, they just didn't send the card. Feh. So they sent a new one, but it's an open question as to whether or not it'll get here before helgabee takes me to the airport tomorrow.

But all is well.

Off to do 50 other things, culminating in debg's signing tonight.
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subway amusement

I'm on the subway, and there's four guys sitting together. One isn't wearing a hat. The other three are wearing baseball caps: one a Yankees hat, one a Mets hat, one a Red Sox hat.

It's either true friendship or hedging their bets. *chuckle*
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wee krad, South Park Keith, South Park Keith #2

fun night

After a fun day that included lunch with friends, picking up the copy edit of A Singular Destiny, getting copies of both Supernatural: Bone Key and the new Star Trek Magazine with my defense of the third season of TOS, and picking up and depositing a desperately needed check, I joined girasole, helgabee, and the Infomancer at Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers in Greenwich Village for a reading and signing by Deborah Grabien debg for her new novel Rock and Roll Never Forgets, the first book in a mystery series about an aging rock star, which I'm eagerly looking forward to diving into. (Deb's "Haunted Ballads" series is also most excellent.)

Aiding Deb was actor Michael Boatman, whom you might recall from Spin City and Arli$$, and an actor whom I've been fond of since his time on The Jackie Thomas Show. Mike and I got to talk a bit, and it turns out he's an author as well, and also a big ol' geek. *grin*

I gave him my card, and with luck, we'll stay in touch. Always nice when the people whose work you admire turn out to be cool folks.....
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