August 29th, 2008

keith & terri

down and safe

We've arrived safely at Dragon*Con. We sailed through checkin and security with no issues, but then the plane was late and at a different gate (across the hall, so no biggie), and sat on the runway for several ice ages before taking off.

We got into Atlanta and caught a cab, the driver of which was kind enough to be playing Senator Obama's nomination acceptance speech on the radio, so we caught a good chunk of it.

We checked in, ordered room service, and slept the sleep of the dead on the decadent king-sized bed here in the Marriott.

(I also finished off the script for #2 of the Farscape comic book and e-mailed it.)

This morning, we slept in, as we got nothin' until 4pm.....
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bone key

Dragon*Con Day 1

Slept in, went to get our badges, bumped into many people we knew, and checked out the dealer rooms. I am now the proud owner of a plush DRD. I also bought two t-shirts, one for the Infomancer, one for girasole.

At 4pm, terri_osborne and I separated, she to do a panel on writing Stargate, me to do my reading. The latter was attended by a bunch of people, among them miintikwa, then I did an interview with the good folks at Fandomania. After some wandering and chatting and relaxing, I did the Bob Asprin memorial panel, which included his ex-wife Lynn Abbey, his protegée Darlene, his packager/agent Bill Fawcett, his sometime collaborator Jody Lynn Nye, Anne and Tod McCaffrey, and me. Bob was well remembered.

After that, I had a lengthy call with Blizzard regarding StarCraft: Ghost Academy, and now we're crashing for the night. It's gonna be a busy weekend, and I don't want to wear out.....
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politics, Kerry Edwards

Governor Palin? seriously????

Senator John McCain has, for reasons passing understanding, chosen Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, to be his running mate.

Governor Palin has been in office for 21 months -- and she's already under investigation for malfeasance in the firing of a commissioner who allegedly refused to fire an ex-brother-in-law of hers. Prior to assuming office in 2006, she was the mayor of a town of 6700 -- or, to put it another way, fewer people than are at Dragon*Con right now. So right off the bat, Senator McCain has himself a running mate who a) may have to withdraw when she's impeached and b) torpedoes the senator from Arizona's biggest argument against his opponent, to wit, his comparative lack of experience. Several talking heads have tried to make it sound like she has more experience than Senator Obama, but that's nonsense. She governed a city whose population is only 15% of that of my neighborhood in the Bronx, and governed a state (for all of 21 months) whose population is less than half of that of the Bronx.

She's a pro-life, creationist, oil-supporting member of the NRA, all of which keeps the GOP happy, but her education is limited to a BA in journalism, and the other part of her background is being a runner-up for Miss Alaska in 1984. The latter is comparatively irrelevant, but it does little to help take her seriously.

There is supposedly a feeling that she will draw in disaffected supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton, to which my reply is: how stupid do you think they are? Senator Clinton is about 180 degrees from Governor Palin on, well, everything.

Admittedly, it's not a huge deal -- though it's a huger deal when you're talking about someone who would be the oldest person to hold the office of president and who has a history of fighting melanoma -- as 1988 proved. Yes, Senator Biden will likely eat Governor Palin for breakfast in the debates, but Senator Bentsen whomped Senator Quayle in the 1988 veep debate, and we all know how much that mattered.....
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