September 2nd, 2008

Simpsons KRAD

iz ded from teh Dragon*Con

terri_osborne and I have made it safely home. Yesterday was spent with me doing my last three panels, Terri vegging in the hotel room, and then heading on over to zen_sakka's house, where Terri and I joined Sakka, her silly husband Rick, and miintikwa for a lovely dinner and chat (plus a phone call to popfiend, whose fault it is that we all know each other in the first place), and which was a relaxed, fun, entertaining end to a wild and wacky (but also fun) weekend.

The panels were good. They included a 10am panel on Star Trek comics with myself, Peter David, and David Reddick (of "The Trek Life" fame, and other cool illustrative endeavors), which mostly wound up just being "The Keith & Peter Show" (or maybe "Peter and His Second Coming"). Then there was the one on writing secondary characters, with Carole Nelson Douglas, Bill Fawcett, Rebecca Moesta, Todd McCaffrey, Eric Griffin, and the guy who moderated it whose name I'm blanking on and the program book's in the other room and I'm too lazy to get up. That was really good. So was the Doctor Who in other media panel, in which both audience and panel were quite punchy, but that just made it funnier....

This morning, we got up at 4am (made easier by the fact that we fell right into bed when Sakka and Kara dropped us off at 9), checked out, got a cab to the airport, zipped through check-in and security, guzzled coffee, boarded the plane, mostly slept on it, landed on time, got our bags in record time, got a cab immediately, and came home and collapsed whilst being welcomed home by Aoki.

After sleeping like the dead for a couple of hours, I went to deposit money (I sold a lot of books this weekend) and spring Marcus, who is now wandering around making sure everything's where he left it.

Terri and I plan to spend most of today not doing jack shit.... *laughs*
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